Excursions in the region of Fez :

Due to its location between the Rif mountains and the Middle-Atlas, Fez offers many possibilities of very interesting excursions to places offering fascinating sceneries and charming villages. The region has an exceptional heritage, both natural and cultural.
Most visitors go on day excursions to Meknes and Volubilis or Ifrane and the cedar tree forests. But one needs much more than 1 or 2 days to explore these beautiful regions and feel the true flavor of the Moroccan countryside and mountains.

Excursions near Fez :

Excursions less than 150 km from Fez :

Apart from some very specific spots, the region is quite untouched by mass tourism, which makes it more authentic. Probably on your first visit you will just go on a day tour by car. But like many other visitors you will realize it is worth coming back, taking time to go hiking, horse riding or cycling with local guides, stay at local "gîtes" or guest houses in the countryside, explore the countryside and the national parks.

Responsible tourism : natural areas in Morocco are very fragile. Today many tourists still buy endangered species (tortoises, cameleons...)! Morocco doesn't need more of these tourist, or more people invading its natural areas with quads and 4WD, or more people feeding its monkeys with peanuts, its needs responsible travellers showing the way to sustainable forms of tourism with low impact on natural environment. Moroccan authorities have done great efforts to encourage responsible tourism, and to develop education to nature conservation. It is important to show interest for nature conservation while visiting Morocco to motivate locals to protect their natural environment.

Oued Sebou