Biodiversity around Fez - Fauna typical of the region of Fez :

The Western cattle egret is an emblematic bird of the countryside of Morocco, especially in the Fez region.

The white stork is very often visible in Fez, especially around the Royal Palace or flying the sky of the medina.

The common bulbul with its typical song which can be heard in most gardens of the medina.

The lesser kestrel which is often seen flying over the medina.

The beautiful blue European roller is common in the Middle Atlas. It is often perched on electrical lines.

The swift nests in the walls of the medina from February-March to October-November and it can be seen flying in large number in the sky above the medina. It migrates in winter to tropical and equatorial Africa.

The lakes of the Middle-Atlas are interesting spots for bird-watchers : little egret, red-knobbed coot, little grebe...
The local tortoise is very frequent in the hills around Fez unfortunately it is being poached to be sold in the souks and it is therefore threatened. Do not buy it in the souks! There are many water turtles in the river of the region of Fez.
The Berberian Macaque is still present in the cedar tree forests of the region of Ifrane and Azrou. If you see some, do not feed them, you may try to take a picture but let them as quite as possible !
The panther has disapeared from the cedar tree forests in the 90's.

And do not forget that biodiversity is also made of a myriad of more or less visible but extremely useful small species. The hills around Fez, where traditional agriculture using little pesticides is still very active, shelter a very rich insect fauna:
butterflies, dragonflies, locusts, spiders, mantis and other insects.
Let's hope it will last because the development of modern intensive agriculture which is very greedy in chemicals will certainly have the same disastrous impact on biodiversity as in developped countries.