Food and gastronomy in Fez :

Where to eat in Fez ?

Fez is the Moroccan capital of gastronomy but it doesn't mean you will find good food everywhere in Fez !

What makes Fez a gastronomic capital is the richness, refinement and extraordinary variety of dishes prepared on special occasions (wedding, religious holidays...). But these dishes usually require a long preparation, from several hours to several days, this is why you will not have many opportunities to taste such dishes during your visit unless you are invited in a family on a special occasion.
Some of these unique dishes are proposed by certains upscale gourmet restaurants and, on request with prior reservation, all year round at some riads or during the "Fès Gourmet" event during the first two weeks of November and March.

The daily family food, often cooked in a "tagine", is simpler but excellent and refined when it is well prepared and it is certainly at some riads and guesthouses, where family mothers cook daily with fresh produces, that you will have the best chances, on reservation, to taste a good quality local food.
Otherwise many touristic restaurants in the medina propose menus at very reasonable prices but usually without offering the richness and variety of the gastronomy of Fez : basically the same couscous, tagines and kebabs that you find everywhere else in Morocco.
For some years now a new generation of Moroccans influenced by foreigners proposes an offer of small, clean and more inventive restaurants where one can eat Moroccan dishes as well as many of the "classical" dishes of modern international cuisine like salads, burgers, pastas, pizzas, vegetarian dishes...

Often our guests visiting Fez ask us to recommend some typical restaurants where local people go ! It is good to know that the people of Fez do not come to the medina to eat at a restaurant where the food will never be as good as at home. They prefer to go to more "exotic" restaurants (Chinese, French, Italian) mostly in the new town. The people of the medina often eat at very tiny "restaurants" or buy street food. This is typically local and if you want to try it you may have excellent surprises but also very bad experiences. This requires reliable avdice from people who know these places.

For those who like simple meals of good quality with grilled meat an salad at cheap prices, the best restaurants are located along the main national roads at the exit of the city, especially on the road to Ifrane after the airport. These places are usually coupled with butchers where you can choose your meat which is then cooked by the restaurant.

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Fes-gourmet :

Twice a year from March 1st to 15th and November 1st to 15th.

A great event for gourmet travelers. Moroccan food is long to prepare, some of the best dishes are served only on rare occasions. They are therefore not often proposed in restaurants. Twice a year during Fes-gourmet some riads select a dish from the the culinary heritage and propose it every evening during two weeks. Visitors staying at one of the participating riads can have dinner at a different riad every evening and try a new dish. A great opportunity to experience the local gastronomy at its best and discover the diversity of the riads of Fez.
More details : Fès Gourmet

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