Gardens of the Fez medina

Jnan Sbil garden in Fez

In the arabo-andalousian culture the garden is a major element of the architectural balance and of the art of living. Fez has been one of the first cities in the world to built a water distribution network which has enabled the city to develop the art of gardening.

Today there are not many well kept and impressive gardens remaining in the medina. The "Palaces and Andalusian gardens" green walk which is signposted with green arrows in the medina, is a bit disapointing in terms of gardens but include two gardens really worth a visit :
- the Jnan Sbil garden which has just been restored is located between the medina and Fez Jdid.
- the garden of Riyad Mokri, a peaceful and well kept garden in the heart of the medina.
Warning : the Ryad Mokri is different from the Palais Mokri, also located on the green walk but which we do not recommend to visit where it is indicated, the garden lies fallow and it is ill-frequented, the interesting part of the palace, which can be visited for its architecture, is located further downhill (not on the green walk) and one needs to call in advance for a visit.
The garden of the Batha Museum is also nice, it could be a marvel if it was better kept !


The new town (ville nouvelle)

avenue Hassan II The new town has many wide avenues spotted with fountains and planted with plane trees, flowers and majestuous palm trees. These avenues are very lively in the evening during the warm season.
We recommend to walk down the Ben-Abdellah and Hassan II avenues (main avenues of the city center). When you reach the main roundabout at the bottom of Hassan II avenue, you can continue left along the wide Moulay Youssef avenue leading to the Royal Palace and Fez Jdid.
Many streets and avenues of the new town are planted with jacaranda trees, they are very beautiful in May or June, at the blossoming when the trees turn blue. More pictures of the new town