Mountain bike in the region of Fez :

The region of Fez offers great possibilities for mountain biking, there are fabulous rides to do. But it requires organization, advice and experience. It is still adventurous and it is better to bring your own bike.
If you are well trained you can ride directly from the city center of Fez (400 m elevation) or from the medina (350m elevation) to the top of Mount Zalagh and Mount Thrat (900 m elevation). If you have a car you can drive to places offering great opportunities like Jebel Zehroun, (around 1000 m) near Volubilis or Jebel Kandar, 40 km South of Fez (1800 m elevation) or the Middle-Atlas (between 1600 and 3200 m).

There is no reliable bike rental available in Fez at the moment. Some riads have their own bikes which they propose for rental to their clients (, they also provide advices on itineraries.

Mountain Bike Event in Fez:

April 1st 2018 : 1st edition of Fez On Bike

Biking in Fez