Languages :

The most spoken language in Fez is Darija (the Moroccan Arabic dialect), but many people speak French more or less fluently. English is developping, especially among the younger generations. In the countryside outside Fez many people speak Berber dialects.

Petit taxis :

petit taxi

The "petit taxis" (small cabs) are very convenient and unexpensive to move in Fez. They use taximeter. They are not allowed to drive out of the city (airport, excursions...) and to carry more than 3 persons. The fare from the train station in the new city to the medina is around 15 dhs. You may have to ask your driver not to drive crazily!

Grand taxis :

"Grand taxis", usually old Mercedes, offer transportation between cities at reasonable prices but not always in safe conditions. They also propose airport transfers at 120 dhs.
Private companies offering touristic transportation can be booked through most hotels and riads for excursions and transfers. The average price for a day excursion to Meknes, Volubilis or to Ifrane and the Middle-Atlas is between 800 and 1000 dhs/car.

Trains :

It is easy to reach Fez by train from Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tanger...
Trains are comfortable and very affordable. Be careful of false guides who propose services (hotels, visits, excursions...) in the trains, they try to chase for clients and get commissions.
Trains schedule : (in French)

Climate in Fez :

"Morocco is a cold country where the sun is warm" !! It is very true in Fez. On sunny days -which is very often- temperatures are usually pleasant most of the year appart from mid June to mid September when it can be very hot, but on the rare rainy days or after sun set, from November to April, it can be really chilly or even cold !
In summer the temperature can climb above 40 degrees Celcius but the air is dry and high temperatures are rather easy to bear.
Check Fez weather forecast on : Accuweather.

Exchange rates : 1 euro = 11 dirhams (Check precise rates on :