Some regional products of the region of Fez and Meknes:

Olive Oil

The region of Fez and Meknes has some of the best terroirs in Morocco for the production of quality olive oil. There are nowdays more and more modern oil mills equipped with the latest technogy which produce oils that are more subtle and more refined than the oils produced in traditional mills which often have more acidity and a stronger taste. As a consequence there is now a much larger choice of olive oils of good quality, each with its own character. Your stay in the region can be an opportunity to discover and taste the diversity of the local olive oils.


Anyone who has been exploring the local countryside in springtime when wild flowers are blossoming -a unique sight- will easily understand the extraordinary potential of the region in terms of honey production. Fondouk Kaat Smen in Talaa Kebira, the main street of the medina, shelters a honey souk where one can taste and buy all sorts of honeys (euphorbia, eucalyptus, thym, rosmary, cedar tree, carob tree...).
In the new town a few shops propose an interesting selection of regional products (honeys, spices, herbal teas, oils...), including:


The largest and most famous wine region of Morocco extends on the foothills of the Middle Atlas South of Meknes in the direction of El Hajjeb. This region, located at an altitude of roughly 1800 to 2400 feet, includes several wine "appellations" from simple table wines to high quality wines. "Gerrouane" and "Beni M'Tir" are the two AOG ("Appelations d'Origine Garantie") of the region which also counts the first AOC (Appelation d'Origine Controllée) in Morocco, "Les Côteaux de l'Atlas". The variety of soils and vineplants, and the possibility to assemble several grape varieties enables local winemakers to offer a great diversity of wines, each with its own personality. White, red, rosés and particularly "gris", a pleasant and very popular kind of wine, light and fruity to drink cool during the warm season.

"Le Domaine des Celliers de Meknès", produces more than 60% of the region's wines, including the famous "Chateau Roslane", but some smaller wineries such as "le Domaine de la Zouina" with its remarquable Volubilia and Epicuria and "le Domaine de Baccari" both managed by talentuous winemakers propose some excellent wines.
All these wineries receive visitors on reservation under certain conditions.


Cheese lovers will enjoy tasting the semi-fresh cheeses sold in a few places in the medina.

If you like goat cheese you'll be happy visiting the two following farms producing some excellent cheeses, the first one is on the way to Immouzzer du Kandar and the second one near Azrou:

30 km South of Fez on the road to Immouzzer you'll find Le Domaine de la Pommeraie, a 50 acres farm, producing farm cheese in an artisanal manner. They have also recently started a production of ewe cheese. Visit, tasting and selling at the farm.
Tel : 06 64 90 47 09

Between Ifrane and Azrou, on the road to "Cèdre Gouraud", you'll find the goat farm named "Les chèvres du Cèdre Gouraud" which also produces excellent goat cheeses (fresh, semi-fresh and dry). We loved their "camenbique" (goat camembert, "bique" being the nick name for goat in French). Visit, tasting and selling at the farm.
Tel : 06 61 42 38 98

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Domaine de la Zouina

trésor du terroir